Automobile Cleaning – 4 Essential Tips

Delores Baum/ September 11, 2017/ Auto Services

There is abundant information available about automobile care, car dealing and the details of which products are correct and which are avoidable in each step of this process. These top 4 essential tips of car cleaning will help one to save their money time and water from getting wasted, and guide them to get their job done in first attempt. Does really bright light and hot sun are enemies of one’s car washing? Does one already possess the best car cleaning item at hand? Discover the answers as you read more.

Responsible cleaning is the best cleaning

Loads of water gets wasted every time one takes his or her car to a car wash or themselves at home wash their car with water. It is estimated that 140 gallons of water is wasted in each wash, other than that, all the tar, brake dust, chemicals and other dusts produce toxic overflow which contaminates the local water resources and streams. Rather than polluting the environment and wasting loads of water one can opt for responsible spray and wipe off wash, this also acts as a car paint protection DIY. One will find great shine end results, which impact the nature less.

Microfiber towels

Another top DIY car wash is use of microfiber towels instead of towels or old t-shirts. These towels are lint less, which safeguard the car paint from streaks or scratches. The end results are clean sparkling mirrors without the slightest steak on them. These fiber towels have super thin fibers knit using machine. These absorb lot more water than conventional towels. In water they are capable of holding 8 times of their weight. Electrostatic qualities of these towels make them attract more dirt and dirt. The only one concern is these towels require extra care; they should be only washed in detergent and never bleached.

Avoiding the Sun

If it is possible one should never wash their automobile under high temperature or direct sunlight. Irrespective of washing exterior of car, wiping the dashboard or polishing windows, any liquid being used will evaporate due to hot sun. Firstly this will waste both efforts and time of the person washing the car. Secondly, when cleaning interior of car, the evaporated cleaning chemicals can have hazardous health impact on the family members. Thus one should try to wash their car in shade to efficiently complete the task and avoid health risks. This is yet another reason also to choose no-toxic cleaning products.

White Vinegar the magical cure

White vinegar acts as the best versatile care wash product. It is utilized to clean almost every part of the car. For example, winter salt tints from car floorings and seats; irradiate the odors, removing bubble gums and prevention of frost formation. It can remove the nastiest stains and dirt from one’s car. Though it is nontoxic and chemical free product, it is a magical cure in car wash.

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